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3 July 2014
"I want a relationship where we are very comfortable with each other. We won’t mind doing stupid things. We laugh our ass off or laugh like there’s no tomorrow. We won’t feel any embarrassment on whatever we might do. When we’re having an argument, we won’t end our day fighting. When one of us is down or sad, we will comfort and cheer each other up. We’re comfortable telling about things. We support each other. We will accept each other’s flaws and weaknesses. We won’t lie even if it’ll hurt us. We enjoy spending time together. We know every little things about each other. We always visualize ourselves in the future. And most importantly, I want a relationship where there is love, trust, and loyalty."
Activity 7-B. gwynnederful (via 15november1988)

10 Dates with you Baby ♥

1.Book-reading Date. A date where we could just read books all day. A kind of date where we could read our favorite stories from our favorite books. Sharing our most favorite part and learning from it. A kind of date where it’s just gonna be you and me, lying on each other holding books.

2.Stargazing Date. A date where we could lie down on the grass in our backyard at night and watch those beautiful, shining stars. We’re both watching the night sky with you by my side, so close to me like an inch apart.

3.Rain Date.  A date where we could shower in the rain. Play, run and chase each other just like kids. A date where we don’t have to mind other people watching us because it’s us that matters.

4.Sleeping Date.  A date where i could sleep with you and let your arms wrap around mine. Feeling the warmth of your body against my skin. A date where we are so close that i could almost here your heart beating just for me.

5.Movie Date.  A date where we could watch our favorite movie and eat popcorn. A public date where people could notice us and how happy and comfortable we are with each other.

6.Picnic Date. A date where we could go out there in the field bringing up a sheet of blanket and a couple of snacks. A day spent only with you and the two of us alone.

7.Food Date. A date where we could eat all the foods we want. No limitations. Never even bothered to care about my figure or your figure. All we need to do is just eat and eat and eat. 

8.Carnival Date.  A very romantic date where we could go on a ferris wheel ride and have fun just like kids. A date where we could eat cotton candies and win teddy bear prizes.

9.Beach Date. A date where we could go on a beach and stay there whole day. You know, just you and me, lying on a sand talking about our dreams and watching the waves on the shore.

10.Sunset Date. A date where you and i would watch the sunset together. Sitting there as the sun sets in the west as i lean onto your shoulder talking about spending our whole life together.

30 June 2014
29 June 2014

My biggest fear is losing my mom. I can’t imagine my life without my mom.

The saddest thing in the world is when you’re really excited to see a person and you’ve imagined all these scenarios in your head about how it would go and then you get there and it’s awkward and you’re both distant and you leave with this crushing sadness and this insistence that that wasn’t how it was supposed to be

Restday ko naman, pagbigyan nyo na. It’s been a long time tumblr.